Ayres Thrush 510

Crop Jet's aircraft of choice is the rugged and dependable Ayres turbine Thrush. With it's reliable 750h.p. Pratt & Whitney PT6-34 turboprop power plant and 50 foot wing span it accomplishes the task at hand quickly and efficiently. It's 510 gallon or 65 cubic foot hopper has the capacity to haul up to 1600 lbs of grass seed or 4000 lbs of fertilizer. To enhance it's performance capabilities at high altitudes we have further modified the airframe with wing mounted vortex generators and a ram-air engine intake. The aircraft is also equipped with a programmable forest service type FM radio as well as VHF aircraft radio.

To aid in precision application we have enlisted the SATLOC M3 moving map GPS system with flow control. 

To provide the best possible spray pattern the use of the latest CP Products flat fan nozzles and AeroFlow check valves are implemented.

When working border critical herbicide fields the use of a right boom shut off valve and clear oil smoker is incorporated when nearing the susceptible crop or sensitive area.


Ayres Thrush 510

  • SATLOC M3 moving map GPS
  • CP Products' CP-11TT flat fan nozzles
  • Vortex generators
  • Ram-Air engine intake


Aero-pad containment