GPS System

SATLOC M3 GPS Systemand AG-NAV moving map GPS systems provide precision application and the capacity to utilize GIS shape files and create post-work downloads to memory stick, floppy disk, CDROM and a hard-copy paper print out. Files can also be converted for use with ARCInfo GIS.


Below is a sample GPS print out showing applied areas in yellow and non-spray flight lines in blue.  Along the side and bottom are latitude and longitude markers to provide geographical awareness.GPS Map Small  Click on the image to see an enlarged view.               

GPS Benefits

  • Precision guidance in featureless terrain.
  • Provides application records.
  • Allows for accurate continuation of fields after a shutdown.
  • Capacity to operate more than one aircraft accurately in the same field.
  • Necessary platform for flow control usage.
  • Foundation for aircraft operation with prescription agriculture.