Rangeland Brush Control

Crop Jet provides aerial application services of herbicides such as; 2,4-D, Tordon, Cimarron Max, Spike and others for the suppression of forage inhibiting brush, such as sage brush, rabbit brush, grease wood and plants such as knapweed, and white top.  This allows cattlemen to maximize their forage production per acre.

Consider this excerpt from The Cattlemen magazine:

The Cattlemen Magazine: "Weed and brush control increases ranch profit: Weed and brush control treatments are expensive and their costs and benefits must be evaluated ahead of time. Consider not only the cost of the initial treatment, but also the life of the treatment, the costs and frequency of maintenance treatments, the projected forage response, the effect on other ranch enterprises and the risk involved."

Crop Jet's perspective on the posed questions:

Brush control treatments can be as little as $15/acre (Spike), $18/acre (2,4-D). If a cattle producer meets certain criteria many applications can be financially supplemented by the Natural Resources Conservation Services on private ground. An application of 2,4-D can provide brush control for as long as 4 years. Maintenance treatments are not necessary until lack of control is observed. Livestock carrying capacity can increase 20-50%. Application risks to the producer are minimal when a properly licensed and insured professional applicator is utilized. Here again the aircraft is the most economical, efficient method of spraying in rough and uneven terrain.

Brush Control Services

  • Liquid Herbicide applications in spring and fall
  • Dry Pelletized applications in fall

Rangeland Brush Control